We Offer High Quality Products.

We purchase product from GA, FL, NC, CA, MX and all other areas of the United States when in season.

We Carry A Wide Variety of Fruits and Vegetables.

Tomatoes          Vine ripe, Cherry, Grape, Roma, Green and tomato repacking

Avocado             Green, Gased and Ripe            48ct      60ct      70ct

Lettuce                Iceburg and Naked       Romaine    Romaine Blend   Taco Salad

Cabbage              Boxed and Bagged  

Lemons                Various sizes

Limes                   Various sizes

Eggs                      Ex-Large, Large, Medium Cartons and Loose and Brown

Bell Pepper           Green and Red and Yellow

Onions                   Jumbo yellow and red and Iceless green onions  

Mushrooms             Medium. sliced, portabello and 3# special

Broccoli Crowns, Carrots,Celery, Cilantro,Spinach,  Cucumbers, Squash,         and Potatoes and much more.

We Carry A Full Line of Hispanic Products

Anaheim, Chayote, Habanero, Jalapeno, Jicama, Nopales, Poblano, Serrano,      Tomatillo and Various Speciality Products as well as Seasonings and Spices. 



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